Secret In Their Eyes

Secret in Their Eyes is a remake of an Argentine movie about a team tight-knit investigator who is torn apart when they discover that the daughter of Jess one of the investigator is brutally murdered. They were staking a mosque with the hope of uncovering a terrorist plot when a body is found in a dumpster which turns out to be the daughter of Jess.

After more than a decade of obsessively searching for the killer, Ray uncovers a new lead that would finally resolve and bring a closure to the case. However the team is not prepared to deal with the secret that would reveal the effects of vengeance to them.

With a cast of stellar talents, the movie is not bad but not great either. The plot has lots of twists but it is easy to follow however the pacing is very slow specially the first half of the movie. Julia Roberts did a good job as Jess but Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor has no chemistry together, Nicole Kidman is a bit too uptight as their supervisor. Julia Roberts is not the sexy character in Pretty Woman but an ordinary character bare of make-up and looks decades older but she is a top caliber actress in this movie.

Although the pacing is slow Secret in Their Eyes is a “talking-movie” with a good plot and a great and surprise ending. This may not be your kind of movie if you are into summer blockbuster movies with lots of action and explosions which can also be readily available when you use a good iptv subscription.

It stars Julia Roberts as Jess, Nicole Kidman as Claire, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Ray, Alfred Molina as Martin Morales; directed by Billie Ray which also co-wrote the movie with Eduardo Sacheri.