Ida Oscar Nominee Movie

Ida is a foreign language Oscar nominee from Poland from acclaimed Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski. It is about Anna a young nun in 1960’s Poland who is about to take her vows and discovers a dark family secret that happened during the Nazi occupation of Poland in World War II.

Innocent and young Anna is an orphan raised in a convent and is about to take her vows when the Mother Superior told her to visit her aunt Wanda, her only living relative is a Communist party insider and a powerful magistrate. Her aunt refused to take and raise Anna after her parents died.

She was shocked to learn from her aunt that she is a Jew and her real name is Ida and her parents were murdered during the Nazi occupation. Ida/Anna and Wanda spent several days together travelling to the family farmhouse in the village of Piaski where her parents were buried.

The movie is beautifully shot in black and white which evokes the darkness and ugliness of the Holocaust. The story is simple and uncluttered; it is very well told which makes it easy to follow. The genre is drama but there are no heavy handed dramatic scenes, dialogues and soundtrack.

Ida is a film that recreates the painful past of the former Communist countries in Eastern Europe. It is highly recommended.

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