3 Free Android Apps I Played With

Hello my friends, let’s see what apps I played with on my Android.

(1) Scan lifestyles (scanlife.Com)

This utility scans bar codes and facts matrix codes of services and products. It sends you to websites of online shops or other vendors based totally on the bar code you test. It can be used to locate income/better on line deals for positive merchandise that you discover in shops.

For example you find a e-book for your child but do not need to pay $15.Ninety nine retail. You test the e book and you could discover it online for $7.99. That is a massive discount and you may be better of even after paying transport.

It works properly on a reasonably massive # of products. I tried it out on my Android and it regarded pretty reliable and mature too.

(2) Inrix Traffic (inrix.Com)

This is an app that gives car traffic reputation. Owned via a enterprise in UK, this app is very beneficial when you are in site visitors and need to get at the cross information on what is coming up in front of you in phrases of traffic jams, closed ramps, accidents and so on. While the app has other features as nicely inclusive of presenting using instructions, gas economy offerings and so forth. The fee that I see is in terms of proactively recognizing and heading off road blocks.

It integrates with Google maps as well and it has a neat, smooth AA Mirror APK and intuitive user interface. I downloaded it from the Android marketplace, I’ve been the usage of it for almost a month now and it works like a champ.

(three) LinkedIn for Android (linkedin.Com)

This app hooks you up in your LinkedIn profile in a cell way. It is the cellular model of the popular business web page LinkedIn. It is a mild however quite versatile version of the website. You can see your profile’s updates, connections, contemporary open invites and messages. You can look for human beings and invite to connect to them, share an update and send a message.

It is a good partner when doing enterprise on the road and you’ve a pre-built LinkedIn profile.

The international just scratched the shell of the apple however these cell apps have become increasingly extreme. All of them are presently provided to the purchasers free of prices.

Disclosure: on the time of this article I do no longer personal inventory or some other sort of hobby/stake in any of the groups I cited in my article.

Adrian Corbuleanu
Miami Beach, FL